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"Aromatherapy has never been more beautiful or more convenient!"

   Not only are our Aromatherapy Heart Strings beautiful but they are functional as well! Peaceful Paths Aromatherapy Heart Strings offer the opportunity to conveniently keep the beauty and metaphysical energies of semi-precious gemstones around you but also the benefits of Aromatherapy as well!

   Featuring a lovely .925 Sterling Silver open-weave locket* which serves wonderfully as a mini Aromatherapy diffuser; you can hang them at your desk, near your bed or bath, from your rear-view mirror or anywhere you'd like to keep your favorite scent nearby. Each string is strung with stainless steel wire for added durability. Each contains genuine Swarovski crystal accents and 100% natural (unless otherwise specified) semi-precious gemstones.

   Directions for use (which are also included!): simply apply several drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume on a diffuser pad. (Use the same pad over & over for the same scent or to change scents, simply select another pad ) Place pad inside the Sterling Silver locket, close, and hang via chain or suction cup anywhere you'd like to keep the scent nearby.

   *Sterling Silver charms will tarnish, as all genuine silver does. A simple wipe with a Silver polishing cloth every once in a while will keep the charm looking new! Certain gemstones will fade in color if exposed to too much sun. This is natural.

Included w/Aromatherapy Heart Strings
Included w/each Aromatherapy Heart String
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Rose/Clear Quartz Aromatherapy HeartString
Rose/Clear Quartz
Black Onyx/Hematite Aromatherapy HeartString
Black Onyx/Hematite
Amethyst Aromatherapy HeartString with Clear Quartz
Amethyst w/Clear Quartz
Sodalite Aromatherapy HeartString

Rose Quartz Aromatherapy HeartString
Rose Quartz

Moss Agate Aromatherapy HeartString
Moss Agate

Amethyst Aromatherapy HeartString
Amethyst w/Clear Quartz

Amethyst Aromatherapy HeartString
Amethyst w/Clear Quartz

Aventurine Aromatherapy HeartString

Aventurine Aromatherapy HeartString

Important Note About Heart Strings

   Just as all natural gemstones are unique, so are all Heart Strings. When one is purchased, you'll see it listed on our site as "Sold" and a similar one will be made available shortly. In the meantime, if you'd like to purchase a particular style marked as "Sold", just give us a call/email (scroll down for details), and we'll be happy to work with you, as all Heart Strings can be made to order. Similarly, if there is a particular stone or "Intent" you would like to work with but don't see on our website, supply us with details and we will make manifest!

PLEASE NOTE: Keep Heart Strings, Aromatherapy Essential Oils and all Heart String components away from young children. (Heart Strings contain elements which can pose a choking hazard and all Aromatherapy oils should be used only with adult supervision.)

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