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"As these are but lights, but signs in thine experience, they are as but a candle that one stumbles not in the dark. But worship not the light of the candle; rather that to which it may guide thee in thy service. So, whether from the vibrations of numbers, of metals, of stones, these are merely to become the necessary influences to make thee in attune, one with the Creative Forces..."

Edgar Cayce,  Reading 707-2

Our thoughts about stones

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Individual Stones/Crystals
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They are much more vibrant and textured in person than we can portray in pictures.

Agate, Blue Lace - tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $1.50 ea.
Believed to ease arthritis, as well as help to attain inner attunement
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Agate, Gray Banded - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-1"    $.75 ea.
Creativity, Eternal Love, Attentiveness, Enlightenment
Agate, Natural - tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $.50 ea
Agate is said to be very beneficial to the overall physical health. 'Stone of Truth'
Agate, Red Banded - tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $.75 ea
Banded agate is for relieving stress, sadness and other emotional pain
Agate, Tree - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"    $1.00 ea.
Earth Energy and Healing, Familial Roots, Plentitude, Abundance
Amazonite - rough - approx. 1-1½"    $1.25 ea
Very soothing, calming to the nervous system
Amazonite - tumbled - approx. ½-1"    $.50 ea
Very soothing, calming to the nervous system
Amethyst - rough - approx. 1-1½"    $1.00 ea.
Healing, strong aid to meditation, dream enhancement
Amethyst - tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $1.25 ea.
Healing, strong aid to meditation, dream enhancement
Apache Tears (aka Black Obsidian) - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4 - 1"    $1.25 ea.
Carry this lucky volcanic stone in your pocket to ground and protect yourself from negative energy. Offers healing to those with grief and sorrow.
Aquamarine - tumbled - approx. ½"    $2.00 ea.
Peace, strong aid for calm mind, aid to meditation, the cooling of anger
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Aventurine - tumbled - approx. ½-1"    $.75 ea.
"Stone of Good Luck", balances male/female energy, enhances creativity
Bloodstone - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 1-1½"    $3.00 ea.
Grounds, Connects to Ancestors, Past Life, Promotes Renewal
Calcite (Orange) - rough (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"    $1.25 ea.
Exuberance, Amplifies Joy and Harmony
Calcite (Orange) - tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $1.25 ea.
"Happiness Stone", said to greatly amplify energy and increase awareness
Carnelian - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 1-1½"    $.75 ea.
Used to awaken one's inherent talents and to dispel apathy
Chrysocolla - tumbled - approx. 3/4-1"    $1.75 ea.
Eases emotional heartache, balances, & increases capacity to love
Citrine - tumbled - approx. ½-1"    $1.00 ea.
Promotes a bright, happy disposition and attracts material wealth for the highest good. 'The Merchant's Stone'
Fluorite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-1"    $1.75 ea.
Enhances the intellect and the ability to concentrate
Goldstone, blue - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"    $.75 ea.
Stone of wisdom and science, powerful energy generator, infused with copper sparkles
Hematite - tumbled - approx. 3/4-1"  $1.00 ea
Dispells heat/fever from the body, facilitates the attainment of peace
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Howlite -  tumbled - approx. 3/4-1"    $.75 ea.
To increase ambition and eliminate hesitation, and to encourage emotional expression
Jasper (Ocean) - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-1½"    $1.50 ea.
Nurtures, Calms, Protects-especially during travel over water
Jasper (Picture) -  tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $1.25 ea.
"Stone of Harmony" stimulates creative visualization, helps reduce fears
Jasper (Red) -  tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $.50 ea.
Useful for self-healing, providing flow of beneficial energies; offers grounding and strength
Jasper (Yellow) - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-1"    $.50 ea.
Sacred Stone Protects During Travel in Both Physical/Ethereal Realms
Labradorite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1½"  small $1.50 ea.  large $2.50 ea.
Wisdom, Originality, Magnifies Strengths, Reveals What is Hidden
Lapis Lazuli - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"    $1.75 ea.
Often called the 'Stone of Total Awareness', and said to protect from physical harm
Lodestone - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"     $1.50 ea.
Works Like A Magnet Drawing In What Is Needed And Desired
Moonstone - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"     $1.50 ea.
Clears Emotional Tensions, Nurturing, Lunar Energy, Empathy, Intuition
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Pyrite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-3/4"    $1.50 ea.
Personal Power, Intellect, Confidence
Quartz - tumbled - approx. ½-3/4"   $1.25 ea. 
Universally beneficial, multi-purpose stone, healing, aid to meditation, balance
Quartz, Smoky - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"    $1.50 ea.
Meditation, Grounding, Dispels Negativity
Rainforest Rhyolite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 1-1½"    $1.25 ea.
Aids Meditation, Creativity, Change, Progress, Self-Realization
Red Leopard Skin - tumbled - approx. 3/4-1"    $.50 ea.
Healing energy, increases sensitivity to animals, often called 'Stone of Shamanic Journey'
Rhodochrosite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-3/4"    $.75 ea.
Love, Balance, Awareness
Rhodonite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1½"    $1.50 ea.
Nurturing, Heartfelt, Greatest Potential
Rose Quartz - rough - approx. 1-1½"    $1.00 ea.
Love, compassion, opens/heals the heart, enhances ability to give
Rose Quartz - tumbled - approx. 1-1½"    $.75 ea.
Love, compassion, opens/heals the heart, enhances ability to give
Snow Flake Obsidian - tumbled - approx. 3/4-1"    $.50 ea.
Thought to bring a new level of organization to hectic lives
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Sodalite - tumbled - approx. 3/4-1"    $0.75 ea.
Helps to eliminate confusion, and transform fears
Sunstone - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1½"    $1.50 ea.
Vitality, Luck, Uplifting
Tiger Eye (blue) - tumbled - approx. ½-1" $1.00 ea
Energizing, enhancing productivity
Tiger Eye (gold) - tumbled - small, approx. 3/4-1"   $1.25 ea.; large, approx. 1-1½"   $2.25 ea.
Inner strength, enhances flexibility
Tiger Eye (red) - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1½"    $1.25 ea.
Exactitude, Physical Vitality, Creativity
Tourmaline, Black - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1½"    $1.50 ea.
Grounding, Self-Awareness, Protection, Guardian
Unakite - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. ½-1"    $1.50 ea.
Pregnancy/Childbirth, "Rebirthing" Process-Past Issues, Earth Connection
Zebra Marble - tumbled (picture not available) - approx. 3/4-1"    $1.25 ea.
Common Sense, Success in Endeavors, Strength of Character


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