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Every one of my Smudge Wands is a unique creation.  Each starts with a stick of Diamond Willow, which, in certain traditions, signifies wisdom and an open mind.  The Diamond Willow is ethically sourced in the northern forests of the USA, collected by a Native American man who respectfully gathers the sticks, then carefully cuts and sands them to let each ‘diamond in the rough’ shine.  I lightly stain the sticks using a simple, chemical-free homemade concoction of teas, coffees & cacao to further bring out the diamonds, and then each stick is hand-rubbed with a natural beeswax finish for protection.  
   I adorn the sticks with beautiful, naturally molted/cruelty-free feathers from various birds, and any decorative cording is a faux-suede.  The feathers are secured by either a jute or hemp wrapping and any crystals or gemstones added to the wand are natural & genuine.  This particular Smudge Wand is adorned with genuine CLEAR QUARTZ, an excellent stone to amplify intent and protect against negativity!  
   The wands measure 11”-13” in length from bottom of stick to tip of tallest feather.  


   While Native American tribal cultures viewed smudging as a “bridge to higher realms and as a way to clear spiritual and emotional negativity that has built up in a space or a person”, records of smudging are found across the globe, dating back thousands of years.  From ancient Asia to Native Americans to modern day religions and cultures, smudging is still considered today a sacred ritual performed to purify, heal & release negativity.
   The act of smudging also connects us to the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water.  The sacred herb represents the Earth while the lighting of the herb connects us to Fire.  The vessel used, (usually an Abalone shell) connects us to water and the sacred smoke, to Air.
   In addition to many spiritual benefits, science has recently determined that there are physical health benefits to smudging as well.  For instance, it was found that the smoke from smudging is an antiseptic, actually cleansing the surrounding air of germs & bacteria, and releasing beneficial negative ions!


   Common herbs used for smudging include White Sage, Sweetgrass, etc., but all plants can, and should, be considered sacred!  White Sage and other herbs are typically sold loose or in bundles or braids.  When using a bundle or braid to smudge, one end is lit with flame and allowed to burn for a few seconds.  Once the flame extinguishes itself, a light passing of a smudge wand over the herb will fan the embers a bit and smoke will be released.  The bundle or braid is then placed in a fireproof dish or vessel of some kind, typically an abalone shell, and the smoke can then be directed to waft around the body or area to be cleansed by lightly fanning with the hand or smudge wand.  As you smudge, focus on releasing all negativity to the smoke, allowing only the positive to replace it.


Great times to smudge yourself or your space:
·    After an illness
·    Before you meditate, pray or practice yoga
·    After upsetting occurrences
·    When your spirit or energy is low
·    Any time you wish to cleanse yourself or your surroundings of negativity.

Native American Inspired Feather Smudge Fan Spirit Wand with Clear Quartz II

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