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A brand new <very old> tradition that can support your family by building healthier, more open & honest, loving relationships!   


Inspired by the centuries-old Native American tradition of using a “speakers staff” at powwows and tribal meetings, these handmade “Talking Sticks” are created for the same purpose… to instill respect, cooperation, inclusion, patience & understanding, and further, to enhance listening skills & peaceful conflict resolution.


 IMPORTANT: While every one of my Talking Sticks is a unique creation, with this particular stick, you will be purchasing the exact one shown in the photo, as there is only one of them!  It is lovingly handmade of natural Diamond Willow, respectfully sourced in northern USA, hand-rubbed with a beeswax finish. Willow, in certain traditions, signifies wisdom and an open mind. 
 This particular stick is made with naturally molted beautiful white feathers and is adorned with genuine BLUE DUMORTIERITE beads.  This semi-precious gemstone is said to be helpful with issues of patience, recognizing the potential in others, and settling unresolved concerns in relationships.  It can also aid in easing stubbornness while simultaneously being supportive in helping one ‘stand up’ for oneself.  In the Lakota tradition, the color blue is used for prayer & wisdom.
 All Talking Sticks measure approximately 11-13" long and .50-1.0" in diameter. The stringing material is a faux-suede and ALL FEATHERS used are naturally molted/cruelty-free. Other decorative beads are wood or metal.


How to put these Talking Sticks to their best use:


Set aside regular time, (monthly, weekly, even daily), to gather with your family or chosen group.  Make this time all about communication!  Choose a specific topic in advance or just allow the topics to flow according to the speaker’s desire.  


Important guidance:  
·    At your ‘tribal meeting’, only the person holding the stick may speak; everyone else must remain quiet and listen respectfully to all that person has to say.  
·    Each person at the gathering must be made aware in advance that as they hold the Talking Stick, they are totally free to express their point of view openly and honestly, and most important, without fear of reprisal, ridicule or interruption.  
·    The stick gets passed from person to person until all who have anything to say have had their chance to speak and to be heard.  
·    No electronics of any kind permitted at these powwows!


Peace in this world begins at home.

Native American Inspired Talking Stick White with Blue Dumortierite

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