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The Ways Of Peaceful Paths

Hi, I’m Susan, the owner & founder of Peaceful Paths.  If you’ve not been here before, know I am honored by your presence and I truly hope you enjoy your visit.  If you’ve been here, welcome back!  If you’re an old friend of Peaceful Paths, know that I’ve been missing you!


For those new to Peaceful Paths, you wouldn’t remember my close friend & spiritual partner, Vic, but over twenty years ago, he & I brought Peaceful Paths into the world, basing the entire premise on a single quote:  “Many paths; One mountain.”   Both students of A Course In Miracles, Vic & I considered ourselves travelers on a journey inward, seekers of the spiritual truth that lies deep within us all and we honored all that enhanced awareness of our inner nature, our oneness and our peace.  At the time, it gave us great pleasure to be able to offer classes, workshops, events and a great variety of products all designed to open our minds, help heal our hearts and take us another step forward on the journey inward.  The fire was ignited and Peaceful Paths became a blaze of her own.


Fast-forward a couple of decades…  After Vic made his transition in 2015, Peaceful Paths went into hibernation for a while, but her spark would not be doused.  Like the Phoenix, Peaceful Paths is rising again and I’ve been ‘nudged’ into action, even if going solo this time around.  I’ve missed you all and hope we can “get together” again, even if only virtually for a while. And who knows, perhaps the future will bring opportunities to gather in person as I am hoping to rebuild the community that Peaceful Paths so enjoyed in the past. In the meantime, I will be offering products, (most of which are specially handmade), for “enlightened living”; products all designed to support our well-being & inner peace as we journey along our paths. These products include Native American inspired talking sticks, handmade beach & zodiac sign gemstone jewelry, essential oil aromatherapy diffusers, & special gemstone sets.... with more to come. 


In the spirit of our Oneness, Peaceful Paths will be donating a portion of all proceeds to specific organizations whose work is for the betterment of all.  For more information about this, please click on the “The Greater Good” link on this website.  If a particular charity you find on this link tugs at your “Heart-Strings”, simply list the associated number or name of the charity you would most like your purchase to impact in the “Note to Peaceful Paths” space when you place your order. (Each of these charities has received the highest ratings, not only for their work but for their accountability & transparency, from, a respected charity investigating group.)


Enjoy your visit and if you have any questions, ideas and/or thoughts you’d like to express, feel free to reach out.

Please drop by from time to time. Peaceful Paths is just beginning to flex its wings online once again, and future plans include some very interesting new creations, a blog and who knows… perhaps even a gathering or two!

In the meantime, peace to you, friend.



Gifts that have a positive impact on heathy and throughful living.
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