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Unique gift of stones & spirit!


Revered in many ancient cultures, today stones and crystals are not only used in advanced technologies, but people the world over are re-discovering their power to help us be more in accord, be more aware, of our spiritual truths.


Our Chakra Stones Set includes Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, and Bloodstone; all gemstones chosen specifically to help clear, heal & re-energize the corresponding Chakra center of the body.  We’ve chosen Sodalite, for example, to correspond with the “Third Eye” Chakra, which is associated with seeing clearly & intuitively through open perceptions.  Sodalite is known as the “Stone of Knowledge”.  Enhancing insight, Sodalite can bring about greater intuition and thereby assist in opening the third eye.


Helping to open, realign & heal the Chakra system with stones can be as easy as positioning each stone in the area of the corresponding Chakra center on the body and relaxing/meditating for a period of time.  There are numerous guides available online which explain how to work with the Chakra system and the energies of stones in more detail.


Each Chakra Stones Set pouch comes complete with six high quality gemstones whose sizes average approximately .75”, but can vary from .5” to 1.5”, depending on availability.  The included information card helps to explain not only the seven major Chakras, but each stone and its corresponding properties.



Chakra Stones Set

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